Senior Capstone Project

As a final culmination of a SA&FS student's time at UC Davis, SA&FS student are required to complete a senior capstone project. This project is noted on the SA&FS Major Evaluation Form as "ESP 191A" and "ESP 191B" under "Core Courses." Students spend 20 weeks working in multidisciplinary teams to address specific problems and opportunities of sustainable agriculture and food systems, while identifying and consulting with key stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns. The entirety of the project involves the support and mentoring of SA&FS Advisor Tom Tomich, as well as a graduate student TA.

Check out Past Projects:

Capstone Class 2015 - 2016 Projects

A class of 36 students divided into teams to complete 5 projects working with clients on-campus and beyond.

Team Name: Glean Team

Client(s) & Organization: Stacey Parker, UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden

Project Description: Seeking to enhance visibility and collaboration at the numerous edible landscapes on the UC Davis campus, we assessed stakeholder needs and explored solutions such as unifying signage, a central website, and pooling resources.

Final Report (PDF)

Team Name: Sprouting SA&FS

Client(s) & Organization: Ryan Galt, Tom Tomich, Mark Van Horn, Will Horwath, SA&FS Major Advisors

Project Description: Identifying key needs of the SA&FS community and major and finding tangible solutions that support the success of students, faculty, and advisors

Final Report (Website)

Team Name: Peels

Client & Organization: Marissa Juhler, Yolo County Central Landfill

Project Description: Developing a solution to educate and incentivize the residents and businesses of Yolo County, specifically those within Census Designated Places (CDPs), to reduce and properly manage their waste

Final Report (Website) & Executive Summary (PDF)

Team Name: What’s Growin’ On

Client & Organization: Yolo Farm to Fork

Project Description: Addressing the needs of elementary schools in establishing a school garden program, and securing the sustainability of said program

Final Report (PDF)

Team Name: Farmy

Client & Organization: Emma Koefoed, Farmer Veteran Coalition

Project Description: Determining the best approach for the Farmer Veteran Coalition to connect farmers to veterans

Final Report (PDF)