Food Security and Resource Conservation Internships

Please e-mail the contact person listed in each internship description to see if positions are currently available.

Host: The Culture Co-Op

Possible Internship(s): Inequalities in Agriculture
Point Person: Sandy Holman

Description: “To promote understanding and respect for diversity, cultural competency, reading, and education for all”
“We all have a heritage campaign”

For internships, contact

Host: Yerba Buena Farms

Possible Internship(s): Inequalities in Agriculture
Point Person: Agape Adams

Description: “We are a family farm on the north coast of Jamaica, West Indies. We strive for a modern-day Rasta lifestyle that is vegan, organic, compassionate and connected to the spirit of nature. Herbal medicine, tropical essential oils, organic farming, heirloom seed growing and distribution, and homeschooling are some of our methods for living a simple, healthy life. We enjoy beekeeping, soap making, mushroom growing and natural building – all are part of the beautiful crazy-quilt of our life here. Our mission is to take part in and promote economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture, both here on our lovely island and around the world.”
2 internship possibilities: Beekeeping & Natural Pesticides/Essential Oils

For internships, go to


Possible Internship(s): Earth Team Member
Point Person: Rebecca Challender

Description: “NRCS is an agency committed to “helping people help the land”—our mission is to provide resources to farmers and landowners to aid them with conservation. Ensuring productive lands in harmony with a healthy environment is our priority. With operations in the United States, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, our agency touches the lives of a diverse range of individuals.”
“Conserving our natural resources is not a one-person job. The farmers and private landowners of this country cannot do it alone, nor can the government. We must all work together to help make sure that our land is sustainable for generations to come.”

For internships, get involved with our volunteer program, The Earth Team, to help make a difference in the conservation effort. In 2010, we had over 29,000 volunteers dedicate themselves to helping our mission. Our Earth Team members get the opportunity to work side-by-side with farmers and ranchers to identify natural resource concerns, and are able to develop unique conservation plans for restoring and protecting resources. Anyone 14 years or older can become a volunteer. We offer volunteer positions for both full and part-time. If you are interested in becoming a part of our mission, feel free to visit our volunteer page for more information.”

Host: The Green Maven Garden

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person: Tari Blalock

Description: “A neighborhood garden in conjunction with the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) located in Hesperia, CA, that works to share the natural harvest with community members.”
“Every child deserves a healthy and nutritional daily meal plan – it is up to us as communities, parents, and guardians to ensure they get the best that nature has to offer them by growing fruits and vegetables ourselves and teaching our children how to grow them, too.”

For internships, contact

Host: GPIUS and ISA Japan

Possible Internship(s): Intern with Japan Empowerment Program
Point Person: Tim Prewett

Description: “Empowering today’s youth to thrive in a global world. We inspire and educate our students to be better prepared for the challenges of Globalization.”
“The GPI US Internship is a full-time, four-week non-salary summer position. Interns will be sent to various cities throughout Japan and serve as group leaders for Empowerment Program GPI US and ISA conduct at high schools and other educational institutions. We hope to recruit interns who can inspire students to pursue their own goals and aspirations.”

Internships are available in three forms: standard, for women, and STEM. For internships, apply online. For more information contact 530.949.9884 or and ask for Tim Prewett

Host: Backpack Farm (BPF)

Possible Internship(s): Secretary and Website Services Intern, Distributor Intern
Point Person: Rachel Zedeck

Description: “Africans Feeding Africa.”
“Poverty alleviation with the power of green farming.”
“BPF partners are all leading technical experts in the Kenya agriculture and manugacturing sectors representing the project team’s commitment to investing in local capacity and social enterprise ‘to make money doing good.’”

For internships, contact Rachel Zedeck at

Host: Ubuntu Green

Possible Internship(s): Urban Garden Intern (they are only accepting volunteers, but for SA&FS it can count as an internship)
Point Person: Jeanette Lim,, 916.669.0671

Description: “Ubuntu Green is a 501©3 nonprofit organization based in Sacramento, committed to promoting healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities through advocacy, education, community development, and empowerment.”
“Ubuntu is the ethic or humanist philosophy emphasizing community, sharing, and generosity. The concept of Ubuntu is used in the political sphere to emphasize the need for unity or consensus in decision-making, as well as the need for a suitably humanitarian ethic to inform those decisions. The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of Southern African and is traditional African concept.”
“Ubuntu Green is supported in part by “The California Endowment,” “The California Wellness Foundation,” “The W.K. Kellogg Foundation,” and by “UC Davis.”

For internships, contact, 916.669.0671

Host: City of Davis Public Works Department

Possible Internship(s): Water Conservation Intern
Point Person: Jennifer Gilbert, Conservation Coordinator

Description: “Volunteer Water Conservation Interns will: Assist Parks Department with water conservation strategies through irrigation management for City parks and greenbelts.

A knowledge of irrigation systems and water conservation policies,

basic computer skills, proficient with Microsoft Access & Excel,

possession of a valid California driver’s license and auto insurance,

and capability to lift 25 lbs. Candidates who have taken plant

horticulture, soil science or hydrology preferred.
For internships, apply for this position online via the City of Davis Volunteer webpage. Click “Apply” on the Public Works Volunteer page. Here is a direct link:

Applicants will need to set up an account with NeoGov in order to

apply for any City of Davis position. Fill out the online application

form. Under “Supplemental Questions,” please use one of the text boxes

to type in “Water Conservation Intern Position.” Please include a


If you are having trouble setting up an account, the online application guide can assist you: