Undergrad Programs

Major Programs

LAWR offers three majors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

  • Atmospheric Science, where you will investigate topics ranging from how to forecast severe weather events to how humans may be altering Earth's climate.
  • Environmental Science and Management offers a contemporary perspective for solving environmental problems and understanding human dimensions of the environment. Students gain exposure to real world problem solving and learn how to use cutting edge technology and tools.
  • Hydrology, where you will study all aspects of water -- weather, river basins, groundwater, glaciers, lakes, streams, permafrost, water vapor.
  • The Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Major emphasizes principles in agriculture and food with space to explore your interest and passions. SAF students are the next generation of leaders in food and agriculture.

Faculty advisers within each of these majors will work with you to tailor an individual program of specialization or concentration.

For information about our undergraduate programs email lawradvising@ucdavis.edu or visit our Student Resources Page.

Land, Air and Water Resources is a multidisciplinary department with faculty who specialize in atmospheric, plant, resource, soil and water science, hydrology, and water engineering. Teaching and research focus on both agricultural and environmental science. The faculty contribute to numerous other undergraduate and graduate programs in the Colleges of Letters and Science, Engineering, and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.