Beyond the Degree

Students who graduate with majors from the programs in LAWR make connections to the environment. They are prepared for careers in geology, oceanography, and meteorology. They find opportunities in resource utilization, conservation, and management. Some work as geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing specialists. They work in government agencies, in private industry and consulting firms, for environmental interest groups, and for agricultural concerns. Many graduates undertake further studies leading to advanced degrees. The opportunities are limitless!

Find out how some LAWR graduates are applying their degrees…

Name: Ankit Jain
What is your degree; what was your major? Specialization?
Atmospheric Science, with minor in Communications.
Current employer: Jeppesen/The Boeing Company. San Jose, CA. I am an Aviation Meteorologist. My job is to produce weather graphics and write weather briefings Read more...

Name: Ariel Rivers
What is your degree; what was your major? Specialization?
Soil and Water Science, minor in International Agricultural Development specializing in Agricultural Management
Current employer: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Name: Daniel Star Constable
What is your degree; what was your major? Specialization?
Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Resource Sciences, with a specialization in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.
Current employer: I work for the Yolo County Resource Conservation District (Yolo RCD) Read more...

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