General Advising

Major Advising

Students in the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems major will be advised by Lacole Brooks in the LAWR Department. Lacole’s office can be found at 1150 Plant & Environmental Sciences. Lacole can aid students in creating their academic plans and advise them on the classes they need in order to graduate. She is a great person to go to if you have specific questions about which courses are needed for each specific track of the major. Make an advising appointment with Lacole on OASIS. If you have any questions or can't find the resource you're looking for, please email our academic adviser, Lacole Brooks, at

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors help to give a more personalized understanding of the courses offered in the major. Peer advisors are also trained in making graduation plans for students but are also educated on accessing different campus resources. Peer advisors have experience with most of the core classes of the major, and therefore can give advice based on the student perspective. Peer advisors work alongside faculty and connect students to different opportunities. Peer advisors are also good people to talk to when it comes to finding major related/relevant events on campus. The current peer advisors for the 2023-2024 academic year are Camille Heskett (, Hannah Mevi ( and Adazsofia Lengyel (

Peer Internship Coordinator

The Peer Internship Coordinator helps to advise SA&FS students on their internship requirements. If you want to understand how the internship requirement works, how to find an internship, or have any other questions about how to get the internship requirement approved, they are the main person to go to. The current peer internship coordinations for the 2024 academic year is Jazmin Rodriguez, who can be reached at

Track advisors are specific to each track, so students will have a different track advisor defending on what track they are in. These advisors are faculty members who are in a field related to the specific major track they are assigned to. They are helpful when it comes to approving internship requirements and restricted elective courses. You can reach out to your track advisor to find out more about learning/research opportunities related to your own study interests. Many of them teach classes that are in the SA&FS curriculum.

Or learn more about our advising philosophy from the most recent peer advisors!

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