Administrative and Government-Related Internships

Please e-mail the contact person listed in each internship description to see if positions are currently available.

Host: Capay Organic

Possible Internship(s): Farm Intern
Point Person: Moyra Barsotti, Grower Relations

Description: “Farm Fresh To You is a produce home delivery service, servicing customers in the greater Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego regions. Farm Fresh To You’s farm, Capay Organic, has been farming organically in Yolo County since 1976.”

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Host: ASUCD Campus Center for the Environment

Possible Internship(s): Various
Point Person: N/A

Description: “Farm Fresh To You is a produce home delivery service, servicing customers in the greater Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego regions. Farm Fresh To You’s farm, Capay Organic, has been farming organically in Yolo County since 1976.”

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Host: Waste Reduction and Recycling

Possible Internship(s): Volunteer Tabling at MU about Zero Waste
Point Person: Crystal Cheung

Description: “We're looking for 2-3 volunteers to commit weekly from 10am-2pm for an hour or 2 to help with tabling and waste diversion. The bulk of it will be talking to people in the area about zero waste and helping with set-up and breakdown. Big picture, we're trying to permanently implement composting options out on the quad, similar to what we have at the Silo Patio area. “

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Host: Solar Community Housing Association

Possible Internship(s): Board Member, BEWAD Project
Point Person: Kent Thompson (Domes Coordinator)

Description: “We encourage and create community and respect for environment through affordable, cooperative housing.”
“We are committed to not only providing a service through low-income housing, but an educational mission promoting sustainable lifestyles and housing equity, and an outreach mission to support other similar community groups & non-profits.”
“January 2012 SCHA offered its first leases to full-time students to live at the Baggins End Domes in the Sustainable Research Area on the University of California, Davis campus. In 1972, ‘the Domes’ became the first student-built campus housing cooperative in the country. Remaining loyal to SCHA’s roots in the cooperative communities on campus, SCHA is partnering with students and the university to help maintain sustainable, cooperative housing opportunities at UCD for years to come.”

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Host: CAFF and EcoConsult

Possible Internship(s): Consulter
Point Person: Justin Malan

Description: “Ecoconsult is a full-service government affairs, political strategy and environmental advocacy firm located in downtown Sacramento, California.”

"Justin has served as the Executive Director to the California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) for 18 years and has been a tireless advocate for promoting efficient and effective policies and programs that enhance the lives of all Californians. His knowledge of the subject, his extensive experience with all branches of state and local government and his ability to forge alliances and agreements with disparate groups has helped CAEHA establish itself as the preeminent organization advancing local environmental health programs in California and across the nation."

For internships, contact Justin at

Host: Snowville Creamery

Possible Internship(s): Marketing Intern
Point Person: John Lloyd

Description: “Our product philosophy is to provide good (delicious), clean (antibiotic-free), and fair (farmers paid decent wage) milk products. Our milk comes from eleven different well-respected southeastern Ohio dairy farms. Each of these farms have a genetically diverse herd which include Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Friesian, and Jersey cows. Since milk composition varies according to breed, our milk has a uniquely rich flavor. We use milk from grass grazed cows because it is better for the cows (grass is their natural diet and grazing improves their physical fitness), better for the environment (grazing maintains soil structure, prevents erosion, protects ground water from pollution, and reduces air pollution), and better for you (grass grazed cows give milk that is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid).”
“We welcome resumes for all job types! Postings in four different areas: Pomeroy, Columbus, Cleveland, Wooster.”

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Host: Kitchen Table Advisors

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person: Paige Phinney

Description: “Kitchen Table Advisors envisions a new generation of thriving small-scale, sustainable farms that produce healthy food and forms the foundation of regional food systems in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.”
“We work to enable members of our community to positively contribute to the success of local small farms by becoming involved in a variety of ways. Our community of committed individuals and organizations are all believers in strengthening sustainable local food systems. They provide their expertise to farms and farmers, work to strengthen our organization, spread the message, and contribute financial and social capital to advance our mission. Everyone has a role - or more than one - that they can play in strengthening our food systems. What will your role(s) be?”
“As interns, you can be a Capacity Builder or a Farm Advisor.”

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Host: Our House Restaurant and Lounge

Possible Internship(s): Restaurant Sustainability Coordinator
Point Person: Jon Sanchez

Description: “A restaurant located in Davis, CA that is committed to providing patrons with exceptional, local, sustainable, and classy food and drink items in a comfortable lounge atmosphere.”

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Host: Yolo County Department of Agriculture

Possible Internship(s): Farm-to-School Yolo County Intern
Point Person: Kristy Levings

Description: “The Farm to School Yolo program in the Yolo County Department of Agriculture works to create linkages between regional farmers and school food service professional. The program entails a number of deliverables including staging events, database creation and management, grant-writing, representing the department at events, creating and facilitating meetings, and more. The intern would work as part of the team on all of these aspects. Interns are expected to be positive, available, and motivated. Interns should have integrity in their scheduling, manage their time effectively on self-directed projects, and meet their deliverables. In exchange, interns get to participate in a broad spectrum of really exciting projects that will offer in-depth insight into how communities change for the better. There are incredible projects on the horizon for this department and we look forward to hosting the right interns to be a part of them. This is an unpaid internship and interns must be able to transport themselves. Interns must not have a criminal record and be able to pass fingerprinting/drug testing. Number of hours per week is flexible dependent on student’s schedule.”

For internships, students can contact Project Director Kristy Levings with your resume and why you’re interested:

Host: Perishable Foods Council

Possible Internship(s): Intern
Point Person: Bill Rudolph

Description: “We are a 500-member trade group for the fresh foods business in Northern California. We provide a network for professionals who make the perishable foods business successful. Marketing areas are San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento.”
“Trade groups include ‘Tony’s Fine Foods,’ ‘Campbell’s Soup Co.,’ ‘King’s Hawaiian,’ ‘Anco Fine Cheese,’ and ‘Crystal Creamery.’”

For internships, contact

Host: Community Alliance with Family Farmers

Possible Internship(s): Policy Intern, Research Intern, Secretary, Public Outreach, Volunteer Coordinator, Marketing Intern
Point Person: David Runsten

Description: “CAFF is based in Northern California and strives to build on shared values around food and agriculture, and work together in practical, on-the-ground programs. These partnerships create locally based economic vitality, improved human and environmental health, and long-term sustainability of family farms.”
For internships, contact for Davis locations for Bay Area locations for general information

Host: FFA

Possible Internship(s): FFA Student Coordinator
Point Person: Daniel H. Putnam

Description: “Student coordinator needed for the 2015 Agronomy Contest for FFA. The Field Day hosts students in high school from across California to participate in various contests such as Animal Science and Engineering. The contest is in large part run by students.”

For internships, contact Daniel Putnam at

Host: College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES)

Possible Internship(s): CAES Student Coordinator
Point Person: Genny Nice
Dates: Spring TBA

Description: “We are looking for current undergraduate students who are organized and detail oriented to help coordinate a couple of our contests for our Annual College of Agricultural and Environmental sciences! Approximately 3,000 high school students come to UC Davis to compete in the 24 different contests on a variety of topics.”
“We need student coordinators for three separate contests: Agricultural Sales-The sales and marketing of agricultural products is a key to profitability in today's competitive economy and agricultural sales play a major role in the marketing process. Through this contest, students will have the opportunity to prepare for careers in sales by participating in a range of activities oriented around the total sales process; Farm Business Management-Contest shall be based on the depreciation section of the adopted Farm Account Book, the John Deere Farm and Ranch Business Management Book, and the Farmer’s Tax Guide. This contest consists of three sections: Cash Flow Budget Problem, Written Test on Record Business Management, Written test on Tax Management; and Nursery Landscape-Students judge classes of plants, take tool and plant identification tests, tests on general OH knowledge, and complete a transplanting practicum.”

For internships, contact Genny Nice at

Host: Farm Credit Administration

Possible Internship(s): Paid Summer Finance Intern
Point Person: Lisa M. Sanders Villalba, M.S., ICC Liberal Arts and Business Coordinator

Description: “A summer internship opportunity is available to students at the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), one of the federal government financial regulator. FCA regulates the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of financial institutions providing credit to agriculture and rural America. Our job as an agency is to make sure the system remains safe and sound.
Qualifications: Applicants must be enrolled as a student in an accredited 4-year college/university Bachelor's or Master's degree program; have completed at least their junior year in college when they enter the internship; have a cumulative (overall GPA of at least 2.95 on a 4 point scale); a planned graduation date no earlier than August, 2015 but no later than June, 2016; major in a field of study noted below; and are in good academic standing. Undergraduate and Graduate Education required. Major study -- accounting, agricultural business, agricultural finance, agricultural economics, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing, or areas of major study directly related to this position as determined by the hiring manager.

For internships, apply through the USAJobs website at

Host: USDA Farm Service Agency, Merced Campus

Possible Internship(s): Technician Intern
Point Person: Garrett Pedretti

Description: “The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is an exciting and rewarding place to start, build and/or continue your career. Be part of our team and support the well-being of American agriculture and the American public. FSA's diverse culture and benefits allow for a healthy balance between your career and home life. In addition to a generous salary, FSA offers a friendly and professional working environment with a diverse workforce, flexible hours/work schedules, and other family-friendly benefits such as: paid vacation and sick leave, paid holidays, retirement and supplemental savings plan, a wide array of health, dental, vision, and life insurance plans, flexible spending accounts, and long-term care insurance.”

For internships, contact Garrett Pedretti at, 209.756.1611

Host: Agricultural Sustainability Institute

Possible Internship(s): Agricultural Sustainability Institute student representatives
Point Person: Bev Ransom, Program manager

Description: “ASI student representative terms are two years in length. Student representatives on the ISC are involved in ASI’s current planning discussions and may have the opportunity to work alongside ASI staff on hands-on projects. Students on the EAB are involved in shaping the big-picture vision for ASI and have the opportunity to work alongside national agricultural leaders. Student representatives are expected to attend meetings, provide guidance and feedback, and to represent student views and interests. Students are also expected to communicate ASI news and events back to their peers. Student representative positions are designed so students can make their own unique contribution to ASI. Student representatives are invited to most ASI events. Student representatives are also responsible for administering the call for applications and selection the following cycle.”

External Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB usually meets annually and is comprised of sustainable agriculture leaders from diverse sectors. The EAB shapes the vision and direction for the institute. Board members include policy leaders, farmers, university faculty, activists, and industry representatives. The next external advisory board meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct 30, 2014 from 8AM – 5PM, in Davis, CA. Any student interested in taking on this position for the upcoming two academic years must be able to attend this meeting, but may be excused to attend class.

Internal Steering Committee (ISC). The ISC is a meeting of key ASI leaders and affiliates that focuses on guiding the operation and management of ASI and its affiliated units, and facilitating communication, collaboration, and coordination among ASI units and affiliates. Meetings are generally held bi-quarterly and lasting approximately two hours.

For internships, complete the on-line application at

Host: Organically Grown Company (OGC)

Possible Internship(s): Produce Buyer Intern
Point Person: Glenda Goodrich, Director of Human Resources

Description: “Organically Grown Company (OGC) is the largest distributor of organically grown produce in the Pacific Northwest. This profitable, grower and employee-owned company is committed to supporting the biological and economic vitality of certified organic farmers and their communities. Our core values of health, sustainability, integrity and partnership informs the manner in which we conduct our business. OGC operates facilities in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Kent, Washington. The company employs more than 250 people - nearly two-thirds of whom participate in OGC's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We strive to maintain a culture that places a premium on cooperation, candor and a "can do" attitude in the service of our customer and grower partners.”
“The Buyer II position in the Purchasing and Inventory Management (PIM) department is responsible for purchasing products destined for distribution to OGC customers. As the primary contact with our growers and suppliers this individual is a key player in our drive to achieve positive and profitable relationships in the organic trade.”

For internships, apply online at

Host: Cottonwood Ag Management

Possible Internship(s): Agriculture Summer Intern, Paid
Point Person: N/A
Website: Aggie Job Link

Description: “Cottonwood Ag Management, LLC is an agricultural asset management organization providing asset management services for a large pool of private capital based in metro Seattle, WA. CAM is seeking summer interns to support a growing ag portfolio consisting of investments in agriculture, land, and development partnerships located across North America. The internship requires the candidate to have strong potential, self-motivation, and an eagerness to develop a career in the field of agricultural real estate asset management and/or production agriculture.”

For internships, apply through Aggie Job Link with #787221

Host: California State Capitol

Possible Internship(s): Legislate for Joan Buchanan
Point Person: Voleck Taing

Description: “Assemblymember Buchanan is the Chairwoman of the Assembly Education Committee. She understands that for California’s economy to thrive in the future, we must invest in a strong public education system, including a focus on instilling strong fundamentals in early grades. In addition to chairing the Assembly Education Committee, she serves on the standing committees of Utilities & Commerce, Transportation and Accountability & Administrative Review. In 2009, she was appointed, by the Speaker, to the Special Education Commission and in 2010 to the Court Technology Advisory Committee and the State Allocations Board. She also chairs the Select Committee on Government Efficiency, Technology, and Innovation and serves on the Select Committee on Gun Violence in the East Bay. In 2013, she was appointed by the Speaker, to represent California on the Education Committee of the Council of State Governments. Her priorities include Protecting Education, Job Reform, and Government Reform.”

For internships, contact Voleck Taing at 916.319.2016

Host: National Farmers Union

Possible Internship(s): Government Policy Intern
Point Person: Sarah Campbell

Description: “Want to intern in Washington, DC?”
“Did you know National Farmers Union has year round paid internships? A NFU internship is a great opportunity for students who want to learn about agricultural issues, communications, cooperative development, economics, education, policy, political science, and more! Students get ‘real world’ experience just steps from Capitol Hill!”

For internships, contact Maria Miller at