Hopmans, Jan W.

Headshot of Jan Hopmans - 13

Professor of Vadose Zone Hydrology
Email: jwhopmans@ucdavis.edu
Office: 123 Veihmeyer Hall

Fax: 530-752-5262 Personal Professional Website: http://hopmans.lawr.ucdavis.edu/

Physics of water flow, contaminant and heat transport in the vadose zone at various spatial scales. Soil hydraulic characterization; inverse modeling. Shallow groundwater and drainage water disposal; soil and water management; plant-soil water relationships; x-ray tomography of soil-root systems.

B.S. Land and Water Use - Wageningen Agricultural University
M.S. Hydrology/Hydraulics - Wageningen Agricultural University
Ph.D. Soil Physics - Auburn University

Graduate Group Membership:
Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group
Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group

SSC 107 : Soil Physics (4 Units, Fall Quarter)
SSC 207 : Transport Processes in Soils (4 Units, Winter Quarter)
HYD 117 : Irrigation Water Management (3 Units, Spring Quarter)
HYD 210 : Hydrologic Modeling of the Vadose Zone (3 Units, Spring Quarter)