Anastasio, Cort

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Professor of Tropospheric Chemistry and Assistant Tropospheric Chemist
Office: 3146 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building
Phone: 530-754-6095
Fax: 530-752-1552
Personal Professional Website:

Sc.B. Chemistry - Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Ph.D. Atmospheric Chemistry - Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Graduate Group Membership:
Atmospheric Science Graduate Group
Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Graduate Group

ATM 6 : Fundamentals of Atmospheric Pollution (3 Units, Fall Quarter)
ATM 30 : Issues in Atmospheric Science (2 Units, Winter Quarter)
ATM 160 : Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry (3 Units, Fall Quarter)
ATM 260 : M- Atmospheric Chemistry (3 Units, Spring Quarter)

ASGG : Graduate Advisor (Chair)
ASGG : Fellowship Committee
ASGG : ad hoc Curriculum Committee (Chair)
Other : Undergraduate Majors and Courses Subcommittee
Other : Selection Committee, Crosby Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Chemistry
Other : Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) ORU Steering Committee (Chair)