Welcome incoming First Years and Transfers

Welcome to the Land, Air, and Water Resources Department(LAWR). We house four great majors; Atmospheric Science(ATM), Environmental Science and Management (ESM), which we jointly coordinate with the Department of Environment Science and Policy, Hydrology (HYD), and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS). LAWR is very excited to have you! We know there is a lot of information and it can be a bit overwhelming, but be assured that the department is here to clear all confusions, to help you with anything you require to succeed in your major, and to make sure that you have a successful and enjoyable college career. Please do not be afraid to email Lacole Brooks (lbrooks@ucdavis.edu) if you are stuck and need guidance. This page is here to help you organize everything you need!

Placement Exams

About our majors

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric science is the study of the layer of air that surrounds the planet. It includes all weather phenomena, such as frontal systems and clouds, as well as severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Concerns regarding the effects of human activity on the quality of the air we breathe, and on possible global warming are also central to this field of study.

Environmental Science and Management

Majors will learn to solve environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective linking the natural and social sciences. By studying the physical, biological, and social components of environmental problems, students will understand the scientific basis for environmental decision making and the economic implications involved in the management of the environment.
The major was formed from the combined Environmental and Resource Sciences (ERS), Environmental Biology and Management (EBM), and Soil and Water Science (SSC) in 2008. It offers a contemporary perspective for solving environmental problems and understanding the human dimensions of the environment. Students gain exposure to real-world problem solving and learn how to use cutting edge technology and tools.


The goal of the Hydrology Program is to meet the need for qualified hydrologists in the immediate and foreseeable future as identified by the National Academy of Sciences. Graduates of the program are equally ready to assume positions as practicing hydrologists with resource agencies or consulting firms or to seek advanced training at the graduate level.
The Hydrology Program offers a B.S. degree and a supplemental minor in hydrology in response to the need for a coherent hydrology curriculum. At present, the major is one of only two such programs in the country.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food System

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SA&FS) are interested in improving the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability in agriculture and food systems. The major is designed to provide students with broad preparatory course work and substantial flexibility in their upper-division course selections in order to develop the diversity and depth of knowledge required for working in the food system.

The food system incorporates farmers, retailers, distributors, growers, laborers, and consumers. The program will draw substantially from both natural and social sciences to prepare graduates in interdisciplinary and systems-based thinking, that will allow them to excel in agricultural and food systems professions.

Sample First Quarter Schedule

For all of our incoming students we recommend 12-14 units for your first quarter! This is a bit lighter than usual but the transition to the quarter system can be challenging and we want you to set yourself up for success in your first quarter here. Please note that the suggested schedules listed are just that. If you would like further advising on your first quarter schedule don't hesitate to ask.

ATM First Quarter Schedule-Freshman

  • MAT 21A
  • CHE 2A or GE
  • ATM 5

ATM First Quarter Schedule-Transfer

  • ATM 60
  • ATM 116
  • GE

ESM First Quarter Schedule-Freshman

  • MAT 16A/17A
  • CHE 2A/BIS 2B
  • ESM 98
  • UWP 1 or ENL 3 or Arts & Humanities GE

ESM First Quarter Schedule- Transfer

  • ESM 98
  • SSC 100 (or other higher division
  • ESP 1

HYD First Quarter Schedule-Freshman

  • MAT 21A
  • CHE 2A/GE
  • SAS 4

HYD First Quarter Schedule-Transfer

  • SSC 100
  • PHY 9A
  • GE

SAFS First Quarter Schedule(Track 1)-Freshman

  • BIS 2B/CHE 2A
  • MAT 16A
  • PLS 15

SAFS First Quarter Schedule(Track 1)-Transfer

  • CRD 1
  • PLS 15
  • VEN 02
  • PLS 49

SAFS First Quarter Schedule(Track 2 and 3)-Freshman

  • SSC 10
  • PLS 15
  • CRD 1
  • ANS 49

SAFS First Quarter Schedule(Track 2 and 3)-Transfers

  • SSC 10
  • PLS 15
  • ECN 1A/CRD 1
  • ANS 49

Scheduling an Appointment with an Advisors

To schedule an appointment with Lacole Brooks please go through appointments.ucdavis.edu
To schedule appointments with a Peer Advisor, email the Peer Advisor (emails are below)

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