Education Abroad

Wageningen University - The Netherlands
Special Focus in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Wageningen University and Research Centre, a world leader in education and research in plant sciences, animal sciences, environmental sciences, agrotechnology, food technology, and nutrition, is offering this special focus pilot program specifically to UCD CAES undergraduate and graduate students. Those pursuing degrees in: Food Science, Biotechnology, Plant and Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Nutrition, International Agriculture Development, Sustainable Agriculture, and Agricultural Management should look into this outstanding opportunity to live and learn in one of Europe's top institutions.

Classes will be taught in English, with a required Dutch Intensive Language Program to be taken in the month before each semester begins.

For more information including minimum eligibility requirements, the selection process, and available courses please see visit the program website: Agriculture & Environmental Science, Wageningen Univ.

For more information about UC Davis study abroad opportunities:

UC Washington Center - Washington DC, USA

The UC Davis Washington Program offers students from all majors the opportunity to intern and study in the Nation's Capitol for full college credit. The program is available each quarter and during the summer. Since 1990, the Center has networked with hundreds of agencies and organizations to establish unique internship opportunities. This program is not just for Social Science majors! See the two fliers below for existing internship opportunities in DC for students in the Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Take a look at this UC Davis Washington Program website for detailed information regarding eligibility criteria, application deadlines and program details.

The UC Davis Washington Program has its own page here: