Pasternack, Gregory B.

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Professor of Hydrology
Office: 223 Veihmeyer Hall
Phone: 530-302-5658
Fax: 530-752-5262
Personal Professional Website:

B.A. Earth and Environmental Science - Wesleyan University
B.A. Science in Society - Wesleyan University
M.S. Environmental Water Resource Engineering - University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Engineering - Johns Hopkins University

Graduate Group Membership:
Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group
Ecology Graduate Group
Computer Science Graduate Group

HYD 143 : Hydrological Processes in Ecosystems (3 Units, Winter Quarter)
HYD 151 : Field Methods in Hydrology (4 Units, Winter Quarter)
HYD 252 : Hillslope Geomorphology and Sediment Budgets (4 Units, Spring Quarter)
HYD 256 : Geomorphology of Estuaries and Deltas (4 Units, Spring Quarter)
SAS 4 : Water in Popular Culture (3 Units, Fall Quarter)