Monier, Erwan

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Assistant Professor of Climate Change Impacts
Office: 247 Hoagland Hall
Phone: 530-754-1837
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My overall research objective is to support decision making, policy implementation and climate mitigation and adaptation solutions by improving the modeling of global environmental change impacts on society. My research interests focus on climate modeling and uncertainty quantification, using a hierarchy of climate models and investigating the uncertainty in global and regional projections of future climate change and climate extremes. I conduct climate impact assessments, using processed-based models, integrated assessment models and econometric impact models on a wide range of sectors of the economy and ecosystem services. Finally, my research aims at improving the modeling of the coupled human-Earth system and multi-sector dynamics, including the dynamics of the energy-water-land system and the interactions between climate change, air quality and health.

M.Eng. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics - National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, ENSEEIHT
Ph.D. Atmospheric Science - University of California, Davis

Graduate Group Membership:
Atmospheric Science Graduate Group
Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group
Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group
Geography Graduate Group

ATM 10 : Severe and Unusual Weather (3 Units, Winter 2019)
ATM 245 : Climate Change, Water and Society (4 Units, Fall 2019)