Hernandez, Rebecca

Headshot of Rebecca Hernandez - 6678

Assistant Professor
Email: rrhernandez@ucdavis.edu
Office: 3142 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building
Phone: 530-752-5471
Fax: 530-752-1552
Personal Professional Website: http://www.aridlab.org

Dr. Hernandez's research is focused on aridland ecology and sustainability, emphasizing the exploration of processes that elucidate the functioning of the Earth system in water-limited environments and those where human and natural systems interact, respectively. Her research methodologies include computational programming, advanced geographic technologies, and 21st century experimental field, greenhouse, and laboratory methods. Dr. Hernandez's research quantifies and informs exigent ecological issues, including global environmental change, soil ecology, and issues of energy development, in arid ecosystems across the globe from West Africa to California

A.S. Biology, Geography - Saddleback Valley Community College
B.A. Geography, Emphasis: Geographic Technologies, - University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. Biological Science - California State University, Fullerton
Ph.D. Environmental Earth System Science - Stanford University