Maziar M. Kandelous

Class Level: Graduating PhD candidate
Major: Soil hydrology and Irrigation

Why did you select this major?
I’ve always been interested in soil-water-plant relations. Given my passion in irrigation and soil physics, I had nowhere to go but to one of the top Hydrology program in the nation which is located at the world most known agriculture university (UCDavis).

Favorite course(s) and why?
SSC 107
(Soil Physics), ATM 133 (Biometeorology), and HYD 124 (soil-water-plant relations). SSC 107 is one of the best soil physics class with a comprehensive laboratory section.As an agricultural hydrologist you should have a good understanding of energy balance, evapotranspiration, and frost protection which you learn them all from Dr. Rick Snyder if you take ATM 133.I promise, you don’t want to graduate without sitting in Dr. Kent Shackel’s excellent lectures in HYD 124 where he teaches soil-water-plant relations.

Best college experience so far?
I enjoyed very much my field trips where I had a pleasure to work with one of the great farm advisors Blake Sanden. Being involved in Graduate Group activities was also very fun and I learnt a lot from people that I worked with.

Extra-curricular activities?
In past years I was part of HSGG Seminar Committee and the Student Representative in HSGG Executive Committee and also served as Student Representative in Graduate Student Association. Being part of faculty Search Committees was also a great opportunity to learn lessons you would never learn in classed or workshops.

Your advice to new students in this major?
Get involved in HSGG activities, and learn lessons you don’t learn elsewhere.

What are your long-term goals and how do they relate to this major?
I would like to stay in agricultural science/industry and continue exploring great things in soil-plant-atmosphere-continuum. It is the combination of three courses of (SSC 107, ATM 133, and HYD 124)

Do you have any additional comments regarding your experience as an LAWR student?
I don’t why, but every time I decided to go, something happened and couldn’t go. But, you should do it. Whenever you see email says “Happy Hour”, you should go, and get to know your colleagues.