Soil Science 107

Laboratory Manual
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 Laboratory Worksheets:


Lab Introduction
Lab 1: Physical Properties of Soils
Lab 2: Determination of Soil-Water Characteristic Curves

Field Lab: Lysimeter
Lab 3: Determining Soil-Water Content Using the Neutron Moisture Meter
Lab 4: Measurement of Soil-Water Content by Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Lab 5: Obtaining Undisturbed Soil Cores in the Field
Lab 6: Demonstration of Installation and Use of Soil Solution Samplers
Lab 7: Soil-Water Head Profiles and Water Movement in Large Soil Columns
Lab 8: Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
Lab 9: Infiltration into field soils
Lab 10: Solute Transport
Lab 11: Determination of gaseous diffusion coefficient
Lab 12: Heat flow in a field soil

Laboratory Schedule - Fall 2001

Sample Lab Report: An example of the format that should be used when composing lab reports.

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