SSC 102—Soil Chemistry


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Discussions of interactions between soil solids, precipitates and solution phases including: mineralogy, ion exchange, adsorption, weathering and buffering, soil colloidal behavior, acidic and basic soils, salinity, and models of solution and solid phase interactions.

COURSE FORMAT: Three hours of lecture, one hour of discussion, and three hours of laboratory. Normally there are two midterms, a final and four problem sets. In laboratory, students work in groups but prepare individual reports.
PREREQUISITES: Introductory courses in Soil Science or earth sciences, physical sciences, or consent of the instructor.
TEXT: Environmental Soil Chemistry – by D. L. Sparks
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Table of Contents
     Section 1. Introduction
     Section 2. The soil solid phase
     Section 3. Chemistry of the soil solution phase
     Section 4. Solubility relationship of soil components
     Section 5. Chemistry of carbonate systems
     Section 6. Exchange reactions in soil-sediment systems
     Section 7. Adsorption on soil colloids
     Section 8. Soil buffering and acidic and basic soils
     Section 9. Oxidation-Reduction reactions in soil systems