Wet Mollisol
Wet Mollisol A Mollisol is characterized by a dark, thick, base-rich, well-structured surface mineral horizon. In this soil, the A horizon is about 18 inches thick. Note the dark color and the abundance of roots. The A horizon overlies a Bg horizon. The lower case g stands for gleyed. Gleyed indicates that much reduction of iron has taken place in this soil. This B horizon is gray and mottled because of a fluctuating water table. The rise and fall of the water table has reduced the iron and leached much of it away. The iron that remains is concentrated into the yellow and orange splotches (mottles) that can be seen throughout the B horizon. Below the Bg is the C horizon. In this soil, the parent material is glacial lacustrine clays. Clay was deposited in a freshwater lake that drained after the glaciers receded. The soil formed in the clay-rich deposit over time.

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