Musick series
Musick series This is the soil that Julie Andrews made famous, the Musick series. (If this joke is too subtle, or too old, ask me for the details). It is found in the central Sierra Nevada at elevations over 1200 m where precipitation is largely rainfall and where temperatures are moderate. This climate combination results in intensive mineral weathering, clay formation, leaching and profile development. The tape shows the upper meter or so of the profile. Somewhere below the tape is weathered granitic bedrock, a Cr horizon. Under the thin, partly decomposed O horizons at the surface is a thin organic-rich, mineral A horizon. Under the A is a gray E horizon and under it, a relatively uncommon E/B horizon. This symbol indicates a mixture of the two horizons. Below the mixed horizon is a Bt, followed by a BC. The Bt horizon, the horizon of illuvial clay accumulation, you have seen before. The BC horizon is a transitional horizon between the overlying Bt and the underlying C horizon.

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