Watershed Science

Track Leader: Mark Grismer

This track trains students in the principles of hydrology, climate as it relates to water, water law, appropriate areas of public policy, and links to ecology and soils. Water is a key resource in the western US and in much of the developed World. Watersheds are the natural geographic unit for water management and science, and encompass issues like water quality, water supply, flood management, biodiversity, and climate change.

The multiple factors involved with watersheds provide experience for several different career tracks. Students are likely to pursue careers in water and watershed management, environmental consulting, government agencies, and environmental non-profits. The track is also very good preparation for graduate school in ecology, hydrology, environmental policy, or especially interdisciplinary environmental management programs. Law school is also a very good option for those students who take the appropriate social sciences and law classes and electives.

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Faculty perspective:

“The demand for water and conflicts of its uses continue to increase due to climate change, population growth, and other factors. The water and watershed science track will provide students with the knowledge they need to pursue a professional or academic career in this expanding field.” - Mark Lubell

Potential Graduate Programs:
UC Davis Graduate Groups (ecology, hydrology etc)
University of Michigan School of Natural Resources
UC Berkeley Environmental Sciences
Yale School of Forestry
Environmental science and policy programs at Cornell, Duke