Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation

Track Leader: Susan Harrison,

The Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Track aims to give students a broad ecological training that prepares them to be field ecologists, organismal biologists (biodiversity specialists) or conservation specialists. It trains students for working for public agencies or private companies, and serves as preparation for graduate school in a variety of environmental biology disciplines. A series of foundation courses are required, including upper division statistics, physical environmental sciences, public policy, evolution, genetics, biogeography, and a field course for hands on field experience of hypothesis testing in nature. The track then allows students to specialize in options in Organismal Biology and Biodiversity, Ecology, or Conservation. UC-Davis has more ecologists than any other institution in the World, and this track draws on this rich human resource.

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Faculty quote:

“Currently we are losing biological diversity at a rate which is unprecedented in the history of our planet, and rivals the mass extinctions seen in geological history. Stemming this loss of biodiversity, as well as understanding the benefits and functions of biodiversity demand a broad training in biology and about the physical, chemical and human-modified environment. Rather than specializing on any particular kind of species, environmental resource, or problem-solving approach, the Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Track of ESM brings together all of the relevant subjects to train our graduates to be able to solve real-world problems. We pride ourselves on the breadth of knowledge available on campus and being able to hone programs to meet the career paths and interests of our students, while providing them with research opportunities and a rich suite of methodological tools. Along the way we get to enjoy learning about the amazing spectacle that nature and the environment provide.” - Marcel Holyoak

Potential Graduate Programs:
The Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis, is perhaps the number 1 program in the World!
Ecology and Evolution at The University of Chicago
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University
Graduate Program in Ecology at Duke