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Posted. Oct 20, 2016

Plant Fertility and Irrigation Management in Table Grapes

Grapery is a table grape production company located in Kern and Tulare Counties founded in 1996. The strategic focus of Grapery is to deliver WOW flavor to our customers consistently. Grapery produces several unique proprietary varieties such as Cotton Candy, Flavor Promise, MoonDrops, GumDrops and Tear Drops. We maintain an extensive testing program for new varieties. Projected production for 2017 is 3 MM packages.

Grapery is offering an internship opportunity in plant fertility and irrigation management for table grapes.

Job Description
The goal of the internship is to give the intern direct operational exposure to plant fertility and irrigation management. The intern will coordinate all activities with Brett Ries (Operations Manager) and outside irrigation and fertility consultants retained by the company. The intern will assist the Operations Manager in all decisions and operations involving nutrient management, irrigation and fertigation. The student will have the opportunity to perform operations as well as monitor them.


  • A strong desire to excel and produce leading edge products
  • A self motivated person that can generate new ideas independently
  • Must be well organized
  • Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing
  • Must have a spirit of teamwork and genuine care for other employees
  • Basic understanding plant nutrition, soils and irrigation management (preferably in vines)
  • Basic verbal and writing competence in Spanish is desirable.
  • Basic competence in Excel, general computing and wireless communication.

This is a paid internship. Pay level will be negotiated. A vehicle will be provided as necessary.

Jack J. Pandol
501 North Driver Road
Shafter, CA 93236
661-201-7188 cell