Bahre, Conrad

Professor of Geography
Office: 1110 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

Plant geography with particular emphasis on historic human impacts on vegetation changes in the arid lands of the Americas, especially southern Arizona, southern California, northwestern Mexico and northern Chile; geography of Mexico, Central America and South America; remote sensing; and cartography.

B.A. - University of Arizona
M.A. - University of Arizona
Ph.D. - University of California, Riverside

Graduate Group Membership:
Graduate Group in Ecology, 1981-present
Graduate Group in Geography, 1994-98
Graduate Group in Soil Science, Member, 1996-01

ERS 6 : Maps and Remote Sensing (2 Units, Winter Quarter)
ERS 105 : Cartography for GIS (4 Units, Spring Quarter)
ERS 173 : Humans and Vegetation Change (4 Units, Winter Quarter)
ERS 185 : Aerial Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing (4 Units, Fall Quarter)