UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award

June 30, 2020



UC ANR Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist

University of California, Davis

Department of Land, Water, and Air Resources

One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616

RE: UCCE 2019/2020 Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award

Dear Daniele:

It is my honor and pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive the UC Cooperative Extension 2019/2020 Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award (DSA) for your participation in the AB589 Water Measurement Training Team. Congratulations! As a current UC ANR employee, you are eligible to receive a portion of the $7,000 monetary award (only current UC ANR employees are qualified), which will be divided among the following team members ((Khaled Bali, Theresa Becchetti, Josh Davy, Morgan Doran, Julie Finzel, Larry Forero, Allan Fulton, Glenn McGourty, Rebecca Ozeran,
Devii Rao, Tracy Schohr, Matthew Shapero, Rhonda Smith, Laura Snell, Jeff Stackhouse, Scott Stoddard,
and Daniele Zaccaria). You will receive your portion of the award through your payroll office within the
next month.

This award recognizes outstanding accomplishments by UCCE academics for academic excellence; the impact of the activities on target audiences and clientele; evidence that the combined effort resulted in contributions greater than an individual member’s contribution; and cross-disciplinary integration among
UCCE and appropriate faculty and workgroup members.

The Academic Assembly Council Distinguished Service Award Committee reviewed all the nominations
of their colleagues. Their recommendation that you receive this award included these remarks:

It is our pleasure to recommend the AB589 Water Measurement Training Team as the recipient of the Outstanding Team Award. This team rapidly developed and coordinated a training program that met
the needs of UCANR’s farming and ranching clientele, in a cost-effective and timely manner.
California Senate Bill 88 requires that all water right holders who have previously diverted or intend to divert more than 10 ac-ft per year to measure and report the water they divert to the State. For most ranchers and diverters impacted by SB 88, complying with the reporting requirements is expensive and burdensome. The cost and availability of professionals to design, install and calibrate diversion measurement systems resulted in a grass roots effort by California Cattlemen’s Association and California Farm Bureau to seek an educational alternative for surface water diverters.

With support from the University of California, Assembly Bill 589 (AB589) was introduced and
carried. It passed through the Assembly and the Senate with no opposition and was signed by Governor Brown. The bill allows diverters that complete the UC course to install and maintain measurement devices to comply with SB 88, saving them time and money. Working with industry (CA Cattlemen’s Association) and regulators (State Water Resources Control Board), the UC team provided a huge service to farming and ranching clientele, and the State. This is a true testament to UC ANR’s ability to work with groups of differing interests in order to reach a common goal. The UC team has conducted 20 workshops since the Bill was passed and certified over 1,200 diverters. One letter of reference indicated a cost savings of more than $4,000 on his ranch, alone.

We commend the AB589 Water Measurement Training Team for their efforts, and recommend they be
acknowledged for their dedication to finding timely, cost-effective solutions for California farmers.

Thank you for your outstanding work and all you do for Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR.

Glenda Humiston
Vice President
Agriculture and Natural Resources

cc: Associate Vice President Powers
Vice Provost of Research and Extension Lagrimini
Academic Assembly Council (AAC) President Soule
Department of Land, Water, and Air Resources Chair Horwath
Director Rippee
Chief Administrative Officer Crum