Drought Tips

    92-09:   Managing Irrigation in Fruit and Nut Trees During Drought

    92-17:   Water Quality Guidelines for Vegetable and Row Crops

    92-19:   Water Quality Guidelines for Trees and Vines

    92-20:   Water Balance Irrigation Scheduling Using CIMIS ETo

    92-24:   Coping With Declining Groundwater Levels

    92-27:   Using Shallow Ground Water for Crop Production

    92-29:   Irrigation Water Management Made Simple

    92-30:   Assessing Water Quality for Livestock Under Drought Conditions

    92-32:   Maintaining Water Quality for Irrigated Agriculture Under Drought Conditions

    92-38:   Field Use of Tensiometers

    92-39:   Field Use of Soil Moisture Blocks

    92-41:   Irrigation Scheduling for Low-Volume (Drip or Microsprinkler) Systems

    92-51:   Irrigation Scheduling of Surface-Irrigated Crops During a Drought

    92-52:   Irrigating Up Crops Efficiently With Sprinklers


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