Homework 1
Global Climate - ATM 5 - Winter 2000

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Date assigned:

  January 12, 2000

Date due:

  Wednesday, January 19, 2000 by 5:00 p.m.


  Terry Nathan

Directions: Answer all questions. Write your name, your TA's name, and the day and time of the discussion section you attend at the top of this page and each page you submit. Attach this page as the first page of the homework assignment. The point value for each item is shown in parentheses. Work individually.

PROBLEM 1 (10)

Describe in no more than 100 words the climate of a specific location (city, town, region, state, or country) in the Southern Hemisphere that you would most like to visit. In describing the climate address the following: annual temperature range, diurnal temperature range, average temperature, average precipitation, and annual distribution of precipitation. Please feel free to consult various sources, i.e., books, web, etc., but make sure that your sources are appropriately cited (see below).

PROBLEM 2 (5, 5)

A standard pressure of 1013.25 mb is also known as 1 atmosphere (1 ATM).

  1. Look at Fig. 1.8 in Ahrens and determine at approximately what levels you would record a pressure of 0.5 ATM and 0.1 ATM.

  2. The surface air pressure on the planet Mars is about 0.007 ATM. If you were standing on Mars, the surface air pressure would be equivalent to a pressure observed at approximately what elevation in the earth's atmosphere?


In northern latitudes, the oceans are warmer in summer than they are in winter. In which season do the oceans lose heat most rapidly to the atmosphere by conduction? Explain how you obtained your answer.

PROBLEM 4 (15)

Suppose that your average surface body temperature is 900F and that the surface area of your body is 1 m2. Suppose your friend has an average surface body temperature of 910F and that the surface area of his/her body is 0.8 m2. Which one of you is more radiant? That is, which one of you is emitting more radiant energy? (Hint: See the focus section on page 42 and don't forget to convert 0F to Kelvins.) Be sure to explain how you obtained your answer and show all work.


Please use the following format for citations:

Journal articles:

Backsoon, I. B. 1999. El Niño or El Noñsense? Journal of Cosmetology 1:115-119.


Backsoon, I. B. 1999. The facts behind clichés. 2nd ed. Bemidji State University Press, Bemidji, MN.

Newspaper or magazine articles:

Backsoon, I. B., Verisi, X. O., and Enopi, L. M. 1999. Heat or humidity? Sacramento Bee. 2 January, p. A-8.