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Atmospheric Science

ATM 5:
Global Climate
   Shelton (W02)
ATM 10:
Severe and Unusual Weather
   Shelton (S02)

ATM 60: Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics
   Chen (F02)
ATM 110:
Weather Observation and Analysis
   Carroll (W03)
ATM 111:
Weather Analysis and Prediction
   Grotjahn (F02)
ATM 112 (198):
Weather Forecasting Practice
   Grotjahn (F02)
ATM 115:
   Shelton (S02)
ATM 116:
Climate Change
   Shelton (S01)

ATM 121a: Atmospheric Dynamics
   Nathan (W05)

ATM 124:  
   Paw U (F01)
ATM 149:
Introduction to Air Pollution
   Wexler/Carroll (F02)
ATM 150:
Computer Methods in Meteorology
   Grotjahn (W01)
ATM 240:
Global Atmospheric Circulations
   Grotjahn (W00)
ATM 255:
Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere
   Soong (F97)

Environmental and Resource Science
ERS 60:
Global Environmental Interactions
   Zasoski (W04)

ERS 100: Principles of Hydrologic Sciences
   Grismer (F01)

ERS 105: Principles of Cartography for GIS
   Hemphill (S05)

ERS 121: Water and Society
   Silk (F00)

ERS 131: Air as a Resource
   Kaduwela/Servin/Gürer (W01)

ERS/PLB 140: Biology of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
   Bledsoe (S01)

ERS/ENH/PLB 144: Trees and Forests
   Bledsoe/Berry/Barbour (F02)

Hydrology / Hydrologic Sciences
HYD 117:
Irrigation Water Management
   Hopmans (S01)
HYD 134:
Aqueous Geochemistry
   Casey (S96)
HYD 143:
Watershed Analysis
   Pasternack (S99)
HYD 146:
Hydrogeology and Contaminant Transport
   Fogg (W03)
HYD 151:
Field Methods in Hydrology
   Pasternack (W03)
HYD 198 (soon to be HYD 10):
Water in California (Water and Power)
   Silk (S02)
HYD 252:
Hillslope Geomorphology and Sediment Budgets
   Pasternack (S01)

Soil and Water Science / Soil Science
SSC 010:
Concepts of Soil Science
Dahlgren (F02)
SSC 100: Principles of Soil Science
   Singer (F02)
SSC 102: Soil Chemistry
   Zasoski (W02)
SSC 105: Field Studies of Soil Resources
   Amundson, Dahlgren, Singer, Southard (Summer '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02)
SSC 107: Soil Physics
   Rolston/Hopmans (F02)
SSC 109: Nutrient Cycling and Management
   Horwath (S02)
SSC 111: Soil Microbiology
   Scow (W03)
SSC 112: Soil Ecology
   Jaffee (F02)
SSC 118: Soils in Land Use and the Environment
   Singer (S02)
SSC 120: Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification
   Southard (S98 S99 S00 S01 S02)
SSC 211: Advanced Soil Microbiology
   Scow (S98)
SSC 219: Ecosystem BioGeoChemistry
   Dahlgren (S99)
SSC 220: Pedology
   Southard (W98 W99)
SSC 222: Organic Chemical of Soils
   Horwath (W03)

Related Courses
PLB 158:
Mineral Nutrition of Plants
   Brown/Richards (S97)

Online Modules
Silicon Soils: Nutrient Cycling in Forest Systems
Biogeochemistry Case Study: Nutrient Cycling in California Oak Woodlands

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